Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mini-Martha, Chairman to Flank Stewart on Apprentice

Are two domestic divas better than one?

We'll find out this fall (well, I won't, since I will not be watching), as Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis, and her Omnimedia chairman, Charles Koppelman, will sit by her side when she dismisses contestants on her incarnation of The Apprentice this fall.

Starting Sept. 21, 10 women and six men will compete to become Martha Stewart's first Apprentice, showing their expertise in Martha's hot zones of publishing, apparel, entertainment, branding, and hiding parole violations.

13 More Rescues

FX said Monday it has renewed Denis Leary's Rescue Me, which I hear is great, for a third season.

Of course, Cablevision inexplicably continues to withhold the network from the three-block by three-block radius of houses that I live within, so I'll just have to take your word for it.

The new 13 episode season will premiere in late spring or early summer 2006. This season's finale airs September 13th.

Hey, Sipowicz: You're Busted

Thanks, 9/11.

The union that represents TV and film actors is advising its New York-area members to stop carrying police costumes to work.

An "apparent shift in city policy" may put actors at risk of arrest if they are stopped while possessing a genuine-looking police uniform.

I guess they don't want Law & Order extras doing cavity searches on subway platforms.

Wake Up With Randy?

American Idol judge Randy Jackson, as a morning show host?

It was hard enough accepting him as Journey's bass player. Now we have to consider him as half of what some are calling an "urban Regis and Kelly" in 2006? This, around the same time that Gloria Estefan's talk show will debut?

Man, TV sucks.