Monday, August 29, 2005

Tonight's Tube

Tonight, Fox gives us the unofficial start of the fall TV season with Prison Break, an action-packed drama about a man who goes to prison so he can bust out his brother.

Isn't that sweet?

FNC: We Now Know What The "F" Stands For

What fun would hurricane coverage be without some good old fashioned profanity?

Click here
and enjoy!

8/29: This Date in Wendie Jo Sperber history

On this date in 1986, Wendie Jo's blockbuster Stewardess School opened.

It eventually grossed a whopping $136,158. That's American dollars, people.


Can Prison Break Avoid the Kickoff Curse?

When Fox's Prison Break hits the air tonight, it will be taking on more than its timeslot competition: it will have to buck a years-old trend.

Historically, the season's first show to debut sucks the tailpipe and dies a quick death. This includes the last three shows to debut: The WB's Family Affair, NBC's embarrassing Whoopi, and the Fox soap opera North Shore.

This one has to be better than those three turkeys, doesn't it?

Brits Get Daily Moment of Zen

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is heading across the pond.

The show has struck its first full-scale overseas syndication deal with UK's Channel 4.

A weekly "best of" has been running on CNN International for awhile- but now Brits can enjoy Stewart's snarkiness in its entirety. The true question: will the country that adores Rowan Atkinson's painful Bean find it at all funny?

Farley Honored

Deceased former Saturday Night Live star and fat dumpy bastard Chris Farley has once again made it big.

On Friday, the late comic was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We assume, anyway, that it was for SNL and not Beverly Hills Ninja.

Friends Chris Rock, David Spade and Adam Sandler, all funny on TV but incapable of making watchable movies, were on hand to honor Farley.