Thursday, September 01, 2005

Those Hi-larious Terrorists

It's a comedic concept too hot to handle.

Maybe it's also too funny.

Though several movies and mini-series about 9/11 are in the pipeline, the New York Times reports that there are no takers for The Cell, an envelope-pushing comedy creators Mark F. Wilding and Mark Jordan Legan have been shopping around Hollywood.

Execs fear Americans - particularly in New York and Washington - still aren't ready for a sitcom that could be seen as trivializing the terrorist attacks of 2001. even one as apparently hilarious as this one.

That's OK, we'd prefer mind-numbingly stupid crap like Hope and Faith anyway.

What's Oprah Gonna Do To Top The Car Giveaway?

Never mind the hurricane. Americans need to know: What's Oprah going to do to top last year's season opener?

Another car giveaway would be kinda lame. So what now? Will she give away houses? Will she cure cancer? Or could it be a total shocker- will she simply skip a meal?

We'll all have to wait until September 19th to find out.

Rocker's Got Back, that is.

In a posting Wednesday on his Web site, Roker reveals he's having surgery to repair a ruptured disc.

He didn't say when he hoped to return to Today.

Aniston Talks!

ABC's Diane Sawyer has a big "get": she'll talk to Jennifer Aniston's in her first sit-down, tell-all interview since the Big Dump.

Wonder if they can sit on this until sweeps?

My Telethon Can Kick Your Telethon's Ass

The networks are both teaming up and ganging up to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

NBC Universal surprised its broadcast peers earlier in the week by announcing a one-hour telethon, which will air Friday night on NBC, CNBC and MSNBC.

Meanwhile, ABC, CBS and Fox, possibly annoyed by NBC's inward thinking plan, are teaming to produce their own telethon, hosted by Ellen Degeneres. But by late Wednesday, NBC, UPN and the WB had all agreed to air it as well.

Not to be outdone, MTV Networks announced plans for a September 10th fund-raiser across all of its channels. And Telemundo, another Peacock property, will airr their own fund-raiser en espanol this Friday night.

Nice work, guys.

Katrina Blows Away Invasion Promos

Hurricane Katrina has forced ABC to yank the promos for its new disaster thriller Invasion off the air.

The drama's plotline concerns a devastating hurricane, and ABC doesn't want to appear insensitive or tasteless. (Unless Brat Camp is on, of course). Revised, stormless promos will likely return later. Meanwhile, ABC currently has no plan to move the September 21 premiere date.

Fox had a similar problem in 2001 with the first season premiere of 24, which featured a terrorist blowing up a plane. Fun!