Monday, September 12, 2005

Tonight's Tube

Tonight, ABC trots out most of its Monday Night lineup: the season premieres of Wife Swap and Monday Night Football.

Enjoy. I’ll be watching Prison Break, the season;s best new show. So far.

99 Word Review: Prison Break

It’s an absurd concept: how do you get your brother, on death row for murdering the Vice President’s brother, out of jail? Study the prison’s architecture, tattoo plans on your chest, commit a heinous crime yourself, and get thrown in the same bighouse as your seriously screwed brother. Then plan a breakout. Silly? Sure.

Yet, somehow, this show still rocks. The story sizzles like a felon getting the chair. The acting is arresting, especially from standouts Wentworth Miller and Fargo sickie Peter Stormare.

Verdict: ignore the ridiculous setup and you’ll watch the arresting Prison Break for its entire sentence.

New episodes of Prison Break air Monday nights on Fox.

$705,000.00 For 30 Seconds on American Idol

Man oh man.

Fox's American idol has set a new milestone for network TV: a record-high cost for a 30-second commercial.

No wonder they want to run it three times a week. Cha-ching!

New Faces on SNL

Two new players will get the chance to show America just how unfunny they can be.

Bill Hader (of Punk'd) and Andy Samberg (from something called The Lonely Island) will be "featured players" on the new season of Saturday Night Live.

They join returning cast members Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, Will Forte, Darrell Hammond, Seth Meyers, Finesse Mitchell, Chris Parnell, Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, Kenan Thompson and featured player Jason Sudeikis.

Head writer, Weekend Update co-anchor and debatably only amusing cast member Tina Fey, along with the highly overrated Maya Rudolph, are scheduled to go on maternity leave at some point during the season.

Another Unwatchable Talk Show Being Considered

In the already crowded daytime talk arena, filled with options ranging from overrated (Oprah) to mediocre (Ellen) to uncomfortable (The Tony Danza Show), you'd assume viewers are craving something different. It could be Martha, although the verdict is still out on that one.

But it seems producers may go back to the future: being considered is a collaboration between two talk-show has beens: Kathie Lee Gifford and Donnie Osmond.

Nice to see TV execs taking some risks. Is anyone really relishing the chance to once again hear daily updates about Gifford's awful kids or her 94 year old husband?

Reunion Gives Fox Best Numbers In Six Years

Reunion, Fox's new sudsy murder mystery, finished third in its timeslot on Thursday. But the news isn't all bad: its 6.6 million viewers represented Fox's highest Thursday 9pm ratings in six years.

The O.C., its lead in, returned in the 8 p.m. slot to numbers similar to what it received last season: 7.5 million viewers.

Networks Not Sharing The Promo Love

This fall, the major broadcast networks are putting most of their promo power resources behind a select few shows.

The marketing bigshots are clearly taking a cue from (or, heck, just ripping off) ABC's strategy from last year- one which helped rocket Desperate Housewives and Lost to the ratings stratosphere- along with internet and alternative marketing.

Which means good news if you're Prison Break, E-Ring or Commander In Chief... but it sucks to be you if you're Inconcievable, Freddie or Love, Inc.