Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tonight's Tube

Lots to watch tonight. First, as my wife has been reminding me every four minutes, the WB has the season premiere of Gilmore Girls, followed by the brand-new Supernatural.

Reality fans can dig into an all new The Biggest Loser on NBC, followed by the finale of Tommy Lee Goes to College. Fox premieres Bones and an all new House.

And FX caps Rescue Me for another year.

Fey Has Girl

Saturday Night Live head writer and faux newscaster Tina Fey has given birth to her first child, a daughter.

Which is perfect, considering infancy is the exact age to which the show's "comedy" appeals to these days.

Mo' MoPo, Yo

Maury Povich has signed a new multiyear contract to continue hosting his syndicated talk show, Maury.

It's believed to keep the show on the air for another three years.

DNA test manufacturers can breathe a sigh of relief!

No Duh

Eight in 10 people say there are too many reality shows on television.

Oh, they also think calling them "reality" is wrong because there's nothing particularly real about them: A total of 82 percent said the shows are either "totally made up" or "mostly distorted."

Thank God the Associated Press and TV Guide dare to ask tough questions, huh?

Olsens Pass The Torch

Now that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are barely legal, they want to cash in on the tween craze all over again.

They plan to make Cole and Dylan Sprouse the male versions of their teenage girl merchandising empire, according to The Wall Street Journal. Like they need any more money.

The Sprouses will be the face of a boys division that will include, we assume, DVD movies, CDs and other merchandise of the crappy ilk that made the Olsens billionaires.

Rome If You Want Two

HBO has renewed its latest hit drama Rome for a second season.

Three episodes into its run, the BBC co-production is scheduled to start on anopther batch of 12 episodes in March, before returning to HBO (after a very Sopranos-like layoff) in 2007.