Friday, September 23, 2005

Weekend Tube

Tonight, there's a schload of premieres, most notably The Ghost Whisperer, featuring the sizzlin' hott but uber-annoying Jennifer Love Hewitt's return to TV, and one of the worst-reviewed shows in recent memory, NBC's Inconceivable. Super Nanny (ABC), Numb3rs (CBS), Dateline (NBC), Three Wishes (NBC), The Bernie Mac Show (FOX) and Killer Instinct (FOX) also debut on a very busy night.

On Saturday, it's not so busy: only CBS' 48 Hours premieres. We didn't think you'd care.

Then, it's back to heavy traffic on Sunday, as ABC's powerhouse lineup of Extreme Makeover, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy debut. And on HBO, Curb Your Enthusiasm returns, flanked by Ricky Gervais' Extras. NBC has the timeslot debut of The West Wing. And don't miss Martha Behind Bars on CBS (see our review below).

CSI:99 9/22/05

Here's Pusher's 99 word recap of last night's CSI.

Warrick's married, Catherine's pissed, Nick's PTSing, Grissom's sporting the ugliest hat imaginable - all while solving three crimes.

A cheating couple in a trailer are run over and blown-up. Jealous spouses ruled out, turns out a drunk neighbor launched his car over a gas main and through the trailer.

A scantily-clad stripper wannabe gets tossed from a party bus. Her thoughtless stripping instructor is innocent but a homeless man is guilty - killing her for stealing $10 to get home.

And Sara and Greg prove a junkie killed his dealer and innocent date for cocaine filled gooey-buns.

Welcome to Season 6.

Viewers Loving Lost Now More Than Ever

Moving Lost an hour later paid off big time for ABC.

The Emmy winning drama led off its second season with a series-record 23.4 million viewers- even higher than its first-season finale. The lead-in also helped the new sci-fi kumquat Invasion win its timeslot and inflicted a hurting on NBC's Law & Order, which suffered its lowest rated season premiere ever.

And it looks like Martha Stewart doesn't fit in to NBC's primetime all that well- her Apprentice debut shit the bed for NBC. E-Ring also collapsed under the sheer force of Lost.

For the night, ABC was first in every timeslot with an average of 18.4 million viewers. Sounds like Must See TV to me.

Season Officially Begins: Fox Axes Cases

After two anemic performances, Fox has axed the Chris O'Donnell/Adam Goldberg fiasco Head Cases, making it the first network of the season to cancel a show.

This week's episode attracted just over 3 million viewers, losing half of its audience from its first airing- which was horrifically unwatched to begin with (half of nothing... is nothing).

O'Hurley Beats Monaco; World's Problems Finally Solved

in a highly contested (by some, supposedly) Dancing with the Stars rematch, John O'Hurley beat Kelly Monaco in neck-and-neck phone voting.

Monaco and her professional dancing partner, Alec Mazo, had beat beat O'Hurley and his partner Charlotte Jorgensen in the July 6 season finale, but people questioned the voting process. That prompted this rematch, determined by viewer voting- and The victor of the rematch was chosen purely by viewers- and the winner and loser were apparently separated by just 1 percent.

Achieving peace in the Middle East should be cake after solving this perplexing issue.

Time For Change on 60 Minutes

Since 60 Minutes began in 1968, the first face viewers saw has always been Mike Wallace's— until now.

Ed Bradley, who's relatively young only when compared to the 136-year-old Wallace, will replace him in the coveted leadoff spot on this Sunday's episode. CBS surely hopes this will help the show, which is one of the oldest-skewing on TV, appeal to a younger demographic.

No confirmation that they'll also replace the old stopwatch with a hipper digital model.