Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tonight's Tubifications

Looking for a more fair and balanced White House drama? Judging by reviews, this ain't it, but ABC clearly has high hopes for Geena Davis' Commander In Chief, which debuts tonight before the premiere of Boston Legal.

And on CBS, The Amazing Race: Family Edition premieres. Whiny kids and adults, racing together, hand in hand: it's the American dream!

Costas: Enough With The CNN, Already

Bob Costas isn't sure if he'll continue substituting as host of Larry King Live next year.

Costas' plate is filling up, with NBC's acquisition of football next year adding to his other gigs as host of HBO's Costas Now and Inside the NFL.

We're sure his refusal to host an episode devoted to coverage of Natalee Holloway, the teen missing in Aruba since last summer, won't affect his decision either way.

Of course, when you take airtime away from the codgerly and vaguely unwatchable King, it isn't such a bad thing.

Sitcom Rocks The Web

Miss the premiere of UPN's Joey-slaying (sort of) comedy Everybody Hates Chris?

Google is offering streaming video of the entire premiere episode of the new Chris Rock-produced sitcom.

Check it out over the next few days via Google Video at

ABC Wins Sunday (or: "Another Excuse To Post a Hott Eva Pic")

Welcome back, ladies.

Desperate Housewives stormed back into the spotlight on ABC on Sunday as its season premiere drew more than 28 million viewers.

Grey's Anatomy helped power ABC to a win for the night, while NBC's lineup crumbled under the pressure and CBS' Martha Behind Bars shit the bed.

Look Out, Brian

World News Tonight has swiped the all-important win in adults 25-54 from NBC Nightly News for the past two quarters- even without a permanent anchor for almost six month.

Nielsen shows the race couldn't be tighter: ABC and NBC's tied with a 2.4, with just 2,000 viewers separating the two.

NBC remains on top in total viewers and also won the 2004/05 season in the demo. Can Brian Williams keep them on top?

Big Pussy Cuts A Deal

Vincent Pastore, who played the snitchy gangster Big Pussy on HBO's The Sopranos, has agreed to plead guilty to a charge that he attempted to assault a former girlfriend.

In exchange, Pastore will perform just 10 days of community service and attend a counseling program for batterers.

Wow, good lawyer.

The plea bargain hasn't yet received final approval from a judge.

Would You Believe... He's Gone

Maxwell Smart himself, Don Adams, died of a lung infection late Sunday.

He starred in the James Bond TV spoof Get Smart, which won two Emmys for best comedy series. Adams himself won three.

He was 82.