Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tonight's Tubeliations

Let's face it. Last year, Alias was bad. Really bad. In fact, if it wasn't for the last three episodes, which merely approached the sub-par third season's quality, I may have bailed on the show altogether.

Now, with Bennifer's pregnancy written into the show, along with rumors of Michael Vartan's quick exit, I'm fully prepared for Alias to suck. Hard. But hey, I'll give the season premiere a shot, even if the promos make it seem like this season is going to be a lame, touchy feely chick baby fest. Sigh.

Oh, and will a Will & Grace live performance make the show any more palatable? We think.... not.

Solid Chief

ABC's Commander in Chief, starring Geena Davis as the first female president of the U.S., won the hour in total viewers by a wide margin for its debut on Tuesday.

However, in the more important adults 18-49 demo, Fox Housed everyone for the Hour. NBC's My Name Is Earl actually won the first half hour (even though it slipped from last week), but The Office lost enough audience to let House nab the victory.

Overall, NBC won the night in adults 18-49, while ABC got the nod in the more widely reported but less important total viewers segment.

It'll be interesting to watch how this hotly contested night shakes out.

Heeeeeeeere's Johnny's Desk

The rosewood desk Johnny Carson sat behind for years on the Tonight Show is headed for the auction block.

I'm sure it will fetch more than Chevy Chase's fish tank did.

Expecting Me To Care? Puh-leeze

Is Bennifer expecting a girl? Does anybody really give a shit?

When Jennifer Garner appeared on NBC's unwatchable Tonight Show Tuesday, the actress seemed to refer to her baby as a she.

I just hope she gives birth to a better season of Alias this year. Last year sucked worse than Gigli.


The following shows have been picked up by their respective networks:

Prison Break (Fox), 9 more episodes to complete the season order (yes!)

American Dad (Fox) 9 more episodes to complete the season order

The Office (NBC) 7 more episodes to up the season order to 13 (despite losing a huge chunk of Earl's ratings)

The 4400 (USA) 13 episode full season order

Complaints Down, Mediocrity Up

The number of indecency complaints against television and radio broadcasters have plummeted more than 96 percent, according to data released by the FCC Wednesday.

No doubt, we have the weak-kneed, spineless networks to thank for wussily watering down their fare.

No wonder viewers keep flocking to cable.