Monday, October 03, 2005

Tonight's Tubifluosity

Just to shut our own Uncle Buster up...

I won't be watching it. You won't be watching it. But somebody must be watching, because it's always one of cable's top shows: WWE Raw makes its season debut on new/old home USA tonight.

Fall Flip Flop

NBC has started to tinker.

This Wednesday night, NBC will swap time slots for the abysmally rated The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and E-Ring. Starting this week, E-Ring will air at 8, and TA:MS will air at 9 (and face the Lost buzzsaw).

Do the 'Cockers think Martha's "reality" will play better at 9 vs ABC's Emmy winning drama? Or are they just making her a sacrificial lamb?

Viewers Curb Their Interest in HBO

The ratings for HBO's new Sunday comedy line-up won't make anyone forget Sex In The City anytime soon.

Curb Your Enthusiasm debuted last Sunday to just 1.5 million viewers — less than half its first-week audience for season four. Comedian Ricky Gervais' Extras, in which I fail to see the blissful brilliance others do, drew barely 1 million viewers- which is in Fat Actress territory.

Don't get me wrong, Extras is kinda funny... but it's no The Office.

Dancing With The Stars Pays Off

John O'Hurley, who won the rematch for the Dancing with the Stars title on ABC, will be dancing on Broadway next year.

He will take over the role of lawyer Billy Flynn in the long-running revival of "Chicago" beginning Jan. 16.

Come To My Sitcom, I'll Be On Soon

Melissa Etheridge says she's working on a sitcom for ABC.

The quasi-autibiographical show is about what would have happened if Etheridge "stayed in Kansas and became a teacher and been gay and dealt with life there."

Well one thing's for sure: if she had stayed in Kansas, she wouldn't be developing a sticom.

Martha Goes For The Hat Trick

Despite the public burnout with all things Martha Stewart, the domestic diva is developing a third TV show.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has purchased a 125-year old house to be featured in a new home-improvement television show next year. The home improvers: six women coming off welfare programs, recovering from bankruptcy or getting out of drug rehabilitation.

If her goal is for each successive new show to get lower ratings, it sounds like she's got a winner on her hands.