Thursday, October 06, 2005

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Tonight's Tublitarianisms

If all these damned procedurals have you jonesing for the real thing, A&E has the answer: the season premiere of The First 48.

And if you dig the Bono Bunch, dont miss the all-U2 edition of Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

UPN Loves Chris

UPN has given a full season pickup to Everybody Hates Chris, its new hit comedy- well, its new show successful enough to cripple NBC's anemic Joey.

The show, while far from a runaway smash hit, has helped UPN establish a successful new night- on one of the most competitive on TV.

Wolf's Conviction Gets Him Another NBC gig

Dick Wolf and NBC are doing the dance again.

The "Law & Order" creator Dick Wolf has received a 13 episode order of legal drama Conviction for midseason, focusing on young assistant DAs in New York.

The series will not carry the played-out Law & Order label, but will use much of the set of the cancelled Law & Order: Trial by Jury. How's that for synergy?

An Annoying Match Made In The Kitchen

Overly bubbly Food Network personality Rachael Ray is getting her own daytime syndicated talk show in fall 2006.

She's has signed a deal with Oprah Winfrey's production company to produce the show, adding it to her burgeonung empire of cookbooks, Food Network shows, and a new monthly lifestyle magazine, "Every Day With Rachael Ray."

Can you say... overexposed? It's hard to take Ms. Ray for the 21 minutes- and don't even think about zipping through the commercials- on any of her current shows. How will she fill an hour without driving viewers to drink? Heavily?

Next Time, Jason, Listen To The Signs

Former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander says he was the last to know when his last show was cancelled.

He says when his not-at-all-good CBS comedy Listen Up was canceled, he found out about it in USA Today.

Maybe he didn't know it was officially cancelled, but the dude couldn't have been that surprised: the show wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire.