Monday, October 10, 2005

The Bitching Has Begun

Four weeks or so into the new TV season, and the critics are whining.

Adam Buckman, from the NY Post, is calling it: Curb Your Enthusiasm has jumped the shark. And the USA Today's Robert Bianco isn't all that thrilled with Desperate Housewives either.

As for me? I'll be the first to admit, in print, what nobody else has had the balls to say: that this season of Lost has left me cold. The in-hatch goings on seem forced and quite a stretch, and the doomsday machine is... well.... bizarre and lame. But the producers have built some equity from their brilliant first season, so I'll sit tight. For now.

But expect plenty more bitching from me.

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Lost Secrets: Idiot Box Poll results

We asked: What's the next secret to be revealed on Lost?

You answered:
Dude in the hatch planted by NBC to steal show secrets, 37%
That weird logo that keeps popping up everywhere is actually the new logo for a feminie hygiene product, 31%
Eating fish and seaweed every day gets real old, real fast, 18%
"The Others" actually members of Heaven's Gate cult, 12%

Bochco Becomes Commander of Chief

Amid reports over creative differences, Steven Bochco is taking over production of ABC's new White House drama Commander in Chief.

Bochco, creator of NYPD Blue and Hill Street Bluesfame, will assume duties from the show's creator, Rod Lurie, who will will remain as executive producer of the series.

Bochco was hired to help Chief run more smoothly and get episodes done on time, a television executive close to the series said Sunday. Rumors of a blowup over a sexually charged storyline centering on the president's daugher may also have been a factor.

Bochco, Lurie, whatever. I'm still not watching. Not unless they make Sipowicz the Speaker of the House.

ER on Ratings Life Support

After edging ER in total viewers several times last year, the unthinkable for NBC has finally happened: Without a Trace, for the first time, beat the decrepit medical drama in the all-important adults 18-49 demo.

Good thing NBC shrewdly renewed the fading show for three more years. Well done.

For the night, CBS handily cleaned up in total viewers and adults 18-49.