Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's Simple: You're Cancelled

After overstaying its welcome by two full seasons, Fox has cancelled The Simple Life- the Hilton/Richie reality series. Which is probably a good thing, since the stars no longer speak to each other.

Fox said its midseason schedule didn't have a time slot for the show, even though they had already picked up the options on their contracts.

Here's the bad news: 20th Century Fox Television, the studio that produces the show, left the door open for Life- and its two feuding headliners- to move to another network.


Stones Of Our Lives

We've heard of product placement, but this makes us scratch our heads: ancient, decrepit rockers The Rolling Stones will debut their new video on ancient, decrepit soap Days Of Our Lives.

The NBC sudser will celebrating its 40th anniversary by airing the world premiere of "Streets of Love."

The Rolling Stones have also been around for 40 years, and despite numerous corporate tie-ins over the band's history, they've never resorted to shilling on daytime drama before.

Their new album, "A Bigger Bang," has sold worse than expected thus far.

Hewitt, Others Gets Love From CBS

More renewals:

CBS has given full-season pickups to dramas Ghost Whisperer and Criminal Minds and the comedy How I Met Your Mother.

All have performed respectably, despite Hewitt being given a speaking part and remaining fully clothed.

Linda Dano Guests on Desperate Housewives

We're assuming the mannish soap vet will play a husband.

Everybody Doesn't Love Rachael Ray, You Know


If you ever watch Food Network, you can't avoid the mind-numbing peppiness of quasi-chef Rachael Ray. Soon she'll add a magazine and an Oprah-produced talk show to her growing empire.

But there are plenty of people who, to put it kindly, find her tough to take, according to the New York Daily News. I didn't even know this- she never had any formal culinary training! And she has 11 cookbooks!

Oh, my gravy!