Friday, October 14, 2005

Two Bullshitters Go Off The Deep End

Penn & Teller are all wet. Or, at least, they will be in their upcoming NBC special Off the Deep End.

The two-hour show will apparently be the first magic special ever performed entirely underwater, the network said Wednesday. It airs November 13.

I'd prefer new episodes of their brilliant Showtime show, myself. But I'll take what I can get.

"Sure, Your Hair'll Fall Out- But It Counts For College Credit!"

ABC News and Primetime Live are in hot water.

Officials at Kansas State and Ohio State universities are having a meltdown that the show used college interns in last night's investigative report alleging weak security at nuclear reactors on 25 U.S. college campuses.

The report demonstrated how close the interns could get to the reactors, showing their vulnerability to terrorists.

Man, in my day, interns were only expected to get coffee and make copies, never mind infiltrate a nuclear reactor. That sounds like much more fun.

Lost Cools Off But Continues Dominance

ABC's increasingly absurd and frustrating Lost continues to perform, despite a slight drop in numbers from its premiere.

The drama crushed the 9pm competition in the timeslot, although CBS' Criminal Minds performed solidly. NBC's The Apprentice: Martha Stewart also inched up minutely from the previous week, but is still shitting the bed by network standards.

In the 8:00 hour, old favorite (to somebody, I suppose) George Lopez and the critically savaged new comedy Freddie led the pack. At 10, CBS' new lighter and brighter CSI: NY beat ABC'S Invasion and NBC'S graying Law & Order: Original Recipe.