Monday, October 17, 2005

Tonight's Tubeness

In case you missed the metric tons of press, the new Daily Show companion, The Colbert Report, premieres tonight on Comedy Central. Steven Colbert (playing news personality "Steven Colbert") will interview one of the easiest targets in news: the robotic Stone Phillips.

And on NBC, a new episode of the freshly renewed Surface bubbles.

SNL Star Suicide

Former actor and comedian Charles Rocket, who was a cast member on one of the m0st critically reviled casts of Saturday Night Live, apparently has committed suicide.

He also played roles in an assortment of movies and TV series, but gained notoriety for uttering an obscenity live on SNL- which eventually got him shitcanned.

Rocket, 56, whose real name was Charles Claverie, was found dead in a field, with his throat cut, near his home in Connecticut on October 7.

Unions Want Their Piece Of The iPod

The inevitible cash war over Apple's new video-enabled iPod has begun.

Hollywood unions representing actors, writers and directors are demanding talks to get their members a cut of revenue generated by selling TV shows on Apple's iTunes.

This will be worth watching, but it's a brand new revenue stream- free money for everyone- so we expect all sides involved to act fairly and with a good, level head.

(insert eye roll here)

Hot Dogs

I guess producers have exhausted every possible option for reality shows built around people- so they're giving animals a turn.

Al Roker's production company is producing what he calls the first-ever dog reality show.

On the show, Roker is teamed with celebrity dog trainer Tamar Geller. The pitch: hidden cameras catch the canines' bad behavior, and then Gellar attempts to correct it.

Dogs who are unsuccessful in their attempts to reform will then be guaranteed an appearance on Al's personal craft services table in his other series, Roker on the Road.