Thursday, October 20, 2005

Nine More Episodes! Nine More Episodes! Nine More Episodes!

Geena Davis may finally have found a stable TV vehicle.

ABC has re-elected her new drama Commander in Chief, ordering "the back nine" to make it a full season.

The show continues to perform well for ABC in its Tuesday night slot.

Rosie O'Donnell is In The Actor's Studio... But Why?

Because America desperately needs inside perspective on Exit to Eden and Another Stakeout?


This show has clearly run out of appropriate guests. Enough, already.

Analysis: ER, NBC Thursdays: In Critical Condition

NBC executives have to be asking themselves if they made a mistake renewing the decrepit ER for three more seasons.

Sure, it still has a sizable audience, but the show doesn't even win its timeslot in NBC's coveted key demo anymore. And the show's constant infusion of new blood isn't helping, nor (we guess) did the departure of seemingly 61-year old Noah Wyle.

Sure, it's easy to pile on now. NBC is down, big-time. But this show has been manipulative crap for years- maybe even since day one, and it was shortsighted for the network to dump three years worth of money into a show in such precipitous decline.

Now, NBC may finally be looking to get the paddles out and give a jolt to its flatlining patient: today's N.Y. Times suggests NBC may finally be ready to blow up the night, maybe moving the successful My Name Is Earl to establish a new comedy beach head. But that could be risky too- if the ratings fall, NBC may be killing its only new comedy hit. Earl helped lead NBC to another Tuesday win this week.

What happens to the unwatchable Joey, Trump's delapidated Apprentice and even ER is anyone's guess. And this is the last season for the overrared Will & Grace, which still performs respectably. Meaning there are no quick fixes for the 'cockers this time.

SNL Sucks: A New York Post Exclusive

Today's New York Post takes a controversial position: that Saturday Night Live is unfunny and should be cancelled immediately.

Way to stick your neck out, Posties! Of course the show sucks; it's sucked for countless years. But to think NBC is going to axe the show, which is still a highly rated cash cow for a network with few bright spots, is absurd. No matter how much it sucks. (It really does suck, by the way).

Jessie Ventura, With A Laugh Track

It appears that NBC wants to give a sitcom to wrestler and quasi-actor Jesse Ventura.

Whatever the premise, it couldn't be nearly as funny-intentional or not- as his abortive talk show on MSNBC two years ago. Not even close.

And he's probably not an answer to its Thursday dilemma, either.