Friday, October 21, 2005

Trump Wants Martha Fired

Donald Trump is pointing fingers and laying blame about the plummeting ratings for his Apprentice. And he's blaming good ol' Martha Stewart.

Trump claims the fourth edition of his show is being dragged down in the ratings by Stewart's Wednesday night clone.

Never mind that America is clearly tired of his show, along with reality in general. And nobody watches the Martha Apprentice anyway, so I'm not sure how it really is damaging his mothership version.

Nor do I give a rat's ass.

Fox Looking to Dump Division Series

Fox is looking to ditch its rights to air Major League Baseball's Division Series, presumably because of the ratings vortex it creates.

Ad inventory is harder to selll for the first round of the playoffs, as ratings tend to increase for the League Championship Series and World Series.

Fox hopes it can save tens of millions of sheckels by dropping the Divisional Series games. ESPN/ABC and OLN are two likely partners to assume the rights to the games.

Here She Comes To Save The Fey!

Playing savior, the hilariously unfunny Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey is cutting her maternity leave short.

Fey, the head writer and "Weekend Update" anchor, will return for this week's episode. It will be her first show since giving birth in early September.

Fey's newscast is usually the only thing resembling actual comedy on the show, which is regularly (and often spectacularly) unfunny. If any of you bother to watch, let us know how it is.

O-Hell-N for Dish Subscribers

Add the Dish Network to the growing list of providers fed up with OLN's hockey chicanery.

The satellite company, owned by Echostar, yanked the network from its system after the cable channel failed to provide them NHL games without advanced notice.

Again, the real source of the tension is that EchoStar has placed OLN in a higher-priced channel package by Dish Network, which is distributed to fewer viewers. OLN no likey that setup, and is withholding games to systems that do that.

I say, puck 'em all. (Betcha didn't see that one coming!)

Cruise: Electrifying

OK, this is pretty funny.

Check out Cruise vs. Oprah.