Monday, October 24, 2005

Tonight's Tubeness

Regardless of ther dishonest promos those wacky Foxies are running (A two hour event!!!) tonight, don't miss the all new return of Prison Break at 9, immediately following a repeat of the last new episode that originally aired, like, 9 weeks ago or something.

Lost for Life?

The promo had us all wondering: who dies on Lost?

It seems like the bigger question is going to be... why?

Rumors are making their way around the internet that the soon-to-be-worm-foody character is intentionally killed, for myserious reasons. Producers will drag out the mystery through November sweeps.

Leading candidates for execution, according to net freaks, are quasi-incestuous whore-bitch Shannon and tortured Korean wife Sun Kwon. But who knows.

Stations Mull Mullally

Soon-to-be ex-Will & Grace star Megan Mullally's syndicated daytime show has secured stations in four top markets for its fall 2006 launch.

We're still trying to figure out what about her personality, when not in character, lends itself to daytime TV. But those network execs surely know better than we do.

Ex-Commander Lies Through His Teeth

Commander In Chief creator Rod Lurie insists he's not bitter with losing control of his new hit show.

Yeah, right.

He admits that while it was painful to give up control of the show, he has confidence in his successor, veteran producer Steven Bochco. ABC yanked the show from his control due to production issues.

Bochco's Boy

Speaking of Bochco and Commander In Chief, he's tapping an old friend to join the cast.

Former NYPD Blue boy Mark-Paul Gosselaar is joining the cast as a media strategist.

Now, if that doesn't make you want to watch... nothing will.