Tuesday, November 01, 2005

People Want Their Pod TV

Less than three weeks after unveiling its video iPod, Apple has already sold 1 million videos that play on the portable device.

... so much for the argument that people would never use an iPod to watch video...

The sales demonstrate demand for the video service and will hopefully allow Apple to continue its plans for a more complex, HD-capable full video 5.1 iPod.

... hey, we can dream...

Martha Thought She Was Going To Fire Trump

When NBC offered Martha Stewart her own The Apprentice, she thought she was being hired to replace Donald Trump.

... she wasn't, but judging by her ratings performance, she's still working hard to get both versions cancelled...

"I thought I was replacing The Donald," Martha told Fortune magazine. "It was even discussed that I would be firing The Donald on the first show."

... that never seemed to be on the table, not in anything I read...

This, after Trump said last week that he thinks Martha's Apprentice was reponsible for the slipping ratings of his original version.

... hey, Donald: maybe people are just sick of the whole deal. Your ratings slipped big time last year, and clearly two versions are overkill, with or without handwritten notes...

Nightly Hits The Interweb

NBC News will soon begin offering NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams online, in its entirety.

... anyone else shocked it took them this long? ...

It will be made available, along with an archive of previous newscasts, starting November 7. The show will be posted at 10pm eastern (after its West Coast feed is done). Segments from the broadcast will be broken up and separated by a single 15 or 20 second advertisement.

... of course... too much to ask for it to be commercial-free... but at least it's commercial-lighter ...

NBC is the first to offer its full evening newscast online., and all allow users to watch individual segments separately.

... it's basically free web programming... expect more networks, and shows, to follow...

Lost Manuscript

Here's an interesting new way for ABC to make money off of its smash hit Lost: cash in on the work of fictional, deceased Flight 815 passengers.

... whores...

The show's writers are crafting a subplot about a character named Gary Troup who didn't survive the crash but left behind a manuscript he was working on.

... fabulous... so the novel won't even have anything to do with the island... or will it?...

ABC sister company Hyperion Books will publish the manuscript, hoping to cash in on the fictional product-placement. The novel will be written by an unnamed mystery writer.

... maybe they should hire some writers who can make the show more interesting... this season has been p[retty disappointing...

Sports Networks Love To Spend- On You

You shell out big bucks for your cable bill every month. But which networks are returning the favor?

Mostly, sports networks.

ESPN shows the most love, for you, of any network, spending an estimated $26 per subscriber. Fox Sports Network is second, at $14.42 per.

... man, sports rights are overpriced... how much higher can they go? and what network will rightfully pay? ...

TNT comes in third at $9.27, thanks also to sports (NBA) but also its high rated (and high priced) original programming like The Closer and Into the West.

... I'd shell out for Kira Sedgwick, too ...

The average amount each cable network spent on you? Less than 8 bucks each.

... cheapskates...

Here's the full top 10 spending cable networks:

2. Fox Sports Net
3. TNT
4. USA Network
5. TBS
6. Nickelodeon
7. MTV
8. Lifetime
10. FX