Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tonight's Tube

Cast defections can't kill it. Bottoming-out ratings can't either. To be honest, we're not quite sure why it's still on. But tonight, That 70's Show begins its eighth (and likely final) season without Topher Grace and with minimal participation from Ashton Kutcher.

We're sure you'll be watching.

Tuesday Night Tubeservations

Did anyone else find last night's Law & Order SVU particularly... I don't know... over the top?

We all know the show is dark. I get that. I'm the farthest thing from a bible thumping, FCC-hugging prude. But why the kitchen sink nuttiness last night? It wasn't even a sweeps episode, by criminy!

Consider, that before the show's halfway point, we were treated to the following: multiple dead elementary school kids, one case of child molestation, and nazis!

And if that wasn't enough, the episode really picked up in the second half, adding Hitler Youth, a skinhead, multiple spewings of the "n" word. Plus, an artful ceiling swastika made of bottlecaps that even Martha Stewart would be proud of. (Not.)

But hope you didn't miss the grand finale: a courtroom shootout where a 16 year old shot said skinhead, a judge, and two officers before an undercover FBI agent blew a hole through his chest the size of a bowling ball.

Now, that's entertainment. Where could SVU possibly go from here? I guess we'll find out.

Over There: Over

FX has cancelled its Iraq war drama Over There.

...perhaps the public's growing impatience with the Gulf War drove thm away... you think?...

The Steven Bochco show premiered strong, debuting as one of the top 10 highest-rated basic cable debuts ever.
But viewers never returned en masse, and the show averaged half its premiere rating.

... that's TV necktie speak for "shitting the bed"...

Oprahphiles- Rejoice!

It's Oprahkill: the portly queen of daytime will release a new DVD box set later this month.

... oh, goody... more self-serving sewage from the woman who can do no wrong...

It will contain over 17 hours of highlights, from weight-loss programs and makeovers to Tom Cruise's bizarre appearance.

... this will be a hot seller, even at the $60 retail price... the loyal Oprah army buys what they're told...

It also includes complete episodes - including her 50th birthday special and her trip to Africa.

... scintillating TV... but nothing from the episode where she ridiculed that exec from the company that locked her out of that store? now that was a laugh...

AMA Announces Performers, Geeks Cringe

Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff and Sheryl Crow will perform at the 2005 American Music Awards.

... wow, Lohan AND Duff both "performing" in one show? how... ear-shatteringly mediocre!...

Cedric the Entertainer hosts the 33rd annual special, which airs live from LA November 22 on ABC.

... pass...

Between Kid Rock And A Hard Place

Kid Rock and ex-fiancee Pamela Anderson are getting back together for an episode of Anderson's comedy series, Stacked.

... can you catch Hep C from a TV show? guess we'll find out...

Rock will guest star as a delivery man on the November 9th season premiere of the Fox show.

... sounds like he's delivered quite enough to Anderson already... but hell, it is sweeps...