Thursday, November 03, 2005

Big Story: Colbert Extended

After just two weeks on the air, Comedy Central has extended The Colbert Report through 2006.

The Daily Show spin-off has been drawing about 1.2 million total viewers each night and has kept most of The Daily Show's audience. That's a big improvement over last year's timeslot occupant, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.

... well, yeah... I think l was the only one who enjoyed- or even watched- Crowd...

Tyra In A Fatsuit: Things We Never Need To See, Number 251 in a Series

Tyra Banks wanted to know what it feels like to be fat.

So she dressed up in a fatsuit to masqueraded as a 350 pound woman- and said she was shocked by how people reacted to her disgusting flabbiness.

Get this- people were mean- and laughed at her!

... there's quite a lesson: people are mean. There's a shocker. Thanks, Tyra, for shedding light on this unbelievable theory....

The segment will air Monday on "The Tyra Banks Show."

... we wonder if Oprah will try to wear a corset to retaliate....

The Real Mystery: Who Will Be Able To Find NBCU's New Network?

NBC Universal is starting yet another cable channel.

Called Sleuth, it will appeal to fans of mystery and crime shows. It launches January 1, relying heavily on movies and old reruns from the Universal library, including Miami Vice, The A-Team and Knight Rider.

... maybe they can investigate- and locate- NBC's missing ratings the last couple of years... although that's hardly a mystery...

Missing from Sleuth's lineup: Law & Order and its spinoffs. They are locked into syndication on TNT and USA.

... that would've been a no-brainer... sucks for them...

Sleuth will initially be seen in about 5 million Time Warner Cable households.

Brown-out at CNN

Aaron Brown, once one of CNN's most prominent anchors, is leaving the network.

After the network and anchor discussed their collective future, they mutually decided to part ways.

... it didn't help that Fox's Greta continues to kick his ass...

His prime-time slot goes to Anderson Cooper and an expanded two hour Anderson Cooper 360.

CNN honcho Jonathan Klein said the move was to take advantage of their hottest personality. Meanwhile, Cooper's old 7 p.m. slot will be filled by an expandedThe Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

... how long is that show now? seven hours? ...