Friday, November 11, 2005

Weekend Tube

You look maaaaahvelous: This Sunday on NBC, the network celebrates the much maligned '80's versions of Saturday Night Live.

Funny how most of those versions were still funnier than the current incarnation.

Arrested Developments Not Good

Officially, Arrested Development has not been canceled.

But it's only a matter of time.

Fox confirmed today that it has cut the comedy's show order from the usual 22 episodes to 13. Devastating news for fans of TV's best comedy.

... still, it's hard to hit Fox too hard for this... they gave the show three shots... I hope HBO will jump in and save it... it would fit perfectly with their other intelligent comedies...

Arrested will sit out the rest of the November sweeps. Its move to Mondays has produced terrible ratings, about a 33% drop from its anemic average last year. It returns to the schedule on December 5th.

Ray, Ray, Go Away

Ray Romano will reprise his Everybody Loves Raymond role on a sweeps episode of "The King of Queens."

... wow, who's tuning in for that?...

Playing his alter ego Ray Barone, the episode will air on November 28. Romano is close friends with the show's star- the hairpiece wearing, fat dumpy bastard Kevin James.

... it's such a taxing role for him to play... I hope he can channel all of his acting prowess to recreate the thespianic magic...

Romano made three previous guest appearances on King of Queens while Raymond was still on the air.

... hey Ray- we loved your show... but it's time for you to pull a Jerry Seinfeld and drop off the radar... don't you want to go out there and spend your money in peace?...

Fox To Terminator: "You'll Be Back"

The wildly successful Terminator movie franchise is coming to the tube.

... but without Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or Linda Hamilton. Or even Claire Danes...

The series will be built around warrior character Sarah Connor and her son John, who eventuall saves the world from cyborg killing machines or something.

The time frame for the series will be between the second and third Terminator movies. Fox won a spirited bidding war to nab the rights.

... after being pleasantly surprised by Terminator 3, maybe the series won't suck too bad. we shall see...

Regis to Host New This Is Your Life

... because, dammit... the old codger sure as hell needs the work.

7th Goes To Heaven

The Camden clan is finished.

The WB network announcing Friday that 7th Heaven will end after 10 seasons.

... looks like all that praying paid off...

The show, by WB's standards, was quite successful. Nineteen of the 20 most-watched shows in the WB's history were 7th Heaven episodes.

... plus without the show, we likely would have never had that sizzlin' hott Jessica Biel 'barely legal' nudie spread...