Monday, November 14, 2005


More moronic celebrities are signing up for Dancing With The Stars.

Former NFL great Jerry Rice, Robert Wagner, big-lipped soap star Lisa Rinna and Nick Lachey's younger brother Drew have all reportedly agreed to compete in the next series, which will premiere in January.

... clearly, only the biggest names... what, were Jerry Mathers and Charo unavailable?...

Kevin Nealon is also mulling an offer.

... how could the show possibly go on without Kevin? ...

Dancing with the Stars, the ratings smash from last summer, partners celebrities with real ballroom-dancing champions in a televised competition. But you knew that.

SpongeBob To Go

Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network will offer their cartoons for sale online.

At $2.99 per download, the episodes will be formatted to work exclusively with toy maker Hasbro Inc.'s VuGo portable media player.

... but not with the iPod... I'm starting to smell a brand new format war cooking...

Nickelodeon, will offer SpongeBob SquarePants, Unfabulous and Rugrats, while Cartoon Network will serve up Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, among others.

Shows can be downloaded at

NBC To Martha: "You Just Don't Fit In"

NBC has given Martha Stewart's version of The Apprentice a tastefully adorned pink slip.

... no shocker here... I still haven't met a soul who admits to have watched this...

Sources said that NBC has passed on ordering season of the struggling spinoff. However, a spokesman for NBC stressed that the show always had been scheduled to run for only one cycle.

... sure, so if it were a hit, then NBC wouldn't have renewed it? Riiiiight. Just how dumb do they think we are?