Thursday, November 17, 2005

Regis Vs. Dick In Battle Of Balls

Regis Philbin, who filled in for stroked out Dick Clark on ABC's annual New Year's Eve special last year, must taste blood in the water. He's agreed to host Fox's coverage of the ball dropping this year.

... god, can't anybody under 80 years old host these things?...

Meanwhile, Clark will continue to groom Ryan Seacrest to be his eventual replacement.

... check that: can't anybody GOOD under 80 years old host these things?...

Jennings' Last Stand

ABC is set to air Peter Jennings' last documentary.

... moment of silence... let's pour out one last long one for P-Jen...

It's an hour-long study of America's health-care system, the network said on Thursday. Set to air December 15, it features Jennings on camera in interview segments, most shot before he became aware of his fatal illness.

The doc was written and edited while he underwent treatment for his illness. He was not strong enough to do voice overs, so ABC will eventually pick an announcer to do it.

Howard Unblurred

For Howard Stern, the future is tomorrow.

Stern and company are putting uncensored archival shows on demand, with unlimited access costing $10 a month.

The clips will be uncensored nuggests from his ond "E" shows. Some have aired before in cleaned-up form; others have never been seen.

... should be a hoot... or maybe not... I always thought the allure of Stern was him toeing the line... now that he can cross it, I'm not sure it will be as entertaining... but they have my attention...

Way To Pick Those Projects, Danny

Danny DeVito is returning to television.

He's joining the cast of the FX comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. DeVito hasn't starred in a TV series since "Taxi" ended its run in 1983.

... well, at least he waited for the perfect vehicle... that is, if you call a cable comedy that nobody watches, and barely got renewed, perfect... must be a nice payday...

DeVito will play a retiree who has moved back to Philadelphia to spend time with his children.

There She Is... Right Next To The $9.99 Seafood Buffet

After 84 years in Atlantic City, the new-look Miss America pageant is moving to the Las Vegas Strip, organizers announced Wednesday.

... finally, a new way to class up Vegas...

It will be the first time the contest has been staged outside Atlantic City, N.J. The Aladdin hotel-casino will host the pageant, scheduled to air Jan. 21 on cable channel Country Music Television.

... wait- it's on CMT? Whoops... I forgot. Forget that "class up" comment fro a few lines back...

The pageant has been losing viewers- and cash- in recent years and was dropped by ABC last year. It was the first year since 1954 Miss America didn't have herself a pretty little network TV contract.