Friday, November 18, 2005

Fox Flips Over Nip Slip

What's that?

Mischa Barton's nipple accidentally popped out during a bedroom scene on last Thursday's The OC- and nobody caught it before it aired?

... hmm... finally a reason to sit through an entire episode of the mind-numbingly unwatchable OC and nobody gives me a head's up... oh well...

Will the FCC get thousands of calls from those zany Parents Television Council disciples? Stay tuned...

See quicktime of the video at TVGasm.

... man, what a disappointment... l don't know if it's the lousy compression of the clip, or if it's much ado about nothing, but all I can see is Mischa kinda tucking her sweater meat back in to her nighty... no detail... can anyone with HD- and a penchant for watching crappo primetime soaps- report if they were able to see more?