Monday, November 21, 2005

TiVo and iPod: A Match Made in Heaven

TiVo says it will test a feature in that lets subscribers transfer their favorite TV shows to their iPods and PSP portable devices.

... YES!...

The new feature will only be available to "stand-alone" TiVo subscribers, and the company is doing it without an official relationship with Apple. DirecTiVo users are shit outta luck.

... this is a great idea... although it could eventually cut into sales of shows from the iTunes store... but the thought of having my TiVoed shows on my iPod is making my eyes well up with tears of joy... and how great would it be if those awesome TiVo sounds transferred too... man, it would piss off the other passengers on the train...

Bodies Piling Up In Primetime

The networks' preoccupation with sex and potty talk has masked another trend: blood-n-guts.

...we gotta get our tittilation somehow...

...heh heh.. he said 'tit'...

During the last week of September, there were 63 dead bodies visible during prime time, more than double the same week last year.

Here are some examples of horrifically violent programming:

Bones: badly decomposed body hangs in a tree. Crows pick on the remains. Maggot-covered head falls off. Nanny 911 promo airs.

Supernatural: Man drowns in a sink. But in a cool, 18-34 sorta way.

CSI: NY: victim falls off skyscraper, hits ledge, large chunk of bloody flesh falls to the street. Unfortunately, it doesn't belong to Melina Kanakaredes.

Inconceivable: woman hits windshield, bleeds on ground, show continues.

Wife Swap: How Far Is Too Far?

An Oklahoma husband is suing the ABC show Wife Swap for sending a gay "wife" to live with him and his family. that wrong? and why would these morons agreeing to appear on reality shows be surprised by anything?...

He's seeking more than $10 million in damages.

... plus whatever it costs to get the cooties out of his house... idiot...

The episode was taped in October 2004 but has not aired yet.

... prediction: Fenruary sweeps!

Hey, Miss America, Can You Spare A Dime?

The financially effed Miss America pageant is asking for handouts from former winners to beef up the scholarship that goes with the crown.

...since it's moving to Vegas, maybe the pageant shoud just bet whatever money they hyave at the tables... it's not like a scholarship will really help these dimwits anyway...

Miss America Organization CEO Art McMaster is asking former winners to pass the hat to raise dough-ray-mi for the $50,000 scholarship.

Cable outlet Country Music Television picked up Miss America when ABC dumped it, certainly at a reduced rights fee.

Big Pussy Takes Big Plea

In a plea deal, former Sopranos actor Vincent Pastore pleaded guilty Monday to attempting to assault a former girlfriend last spring.

... aww, what a sweetheart... that makes everything all better...

As part of the deal, "Big Pussy" Pastore will perform 70 hours of community service, attend anger management therapy, pay a $190 fine, and be forced to reprise his role as a mobbed up octopus in the sequel to the horrendous Shark Tale.