Tuesday, November 22, 2005

CNN Crosses Out Cheney

No media bias at CNN, to be sure: putting a big, black "X" through Vice President Cheney's face was just an accident.


They mean it.

... sure it was... and Sean Hannity is going to vote for Hillary in '08...

CNN issued an apology, calling it a "technical malfunction."

... you mean like the voting machines in Florida in 2000? ...

Lifetime Going Large for Medium

Sorry, Particia, the secret is out.

Lifetime is shelling out big bucks for the rerun rights to Medium.

... man hands and bad teeth... makes Arquette a real Lifetime woman... except for the Emmy...

The cable network has acquired exclusive rights to the psychic series- beginning in 2009. They're ponying up a rumored $1.3 mill an episode.

... they must have a sixth sense of their own, to shell out such big bucks for such a... well... average series...

Trio: Brilliant, But Cancelled

NBC Universal is shutting down its sporadically distributed network Trio.

... a network I've always wanted but have never had... feh...

However, it will relaunch on January 1 as a broadband network under the banner.

... so now I can see it, I guess... but I'm still not ready to watch TV on the net, I don't think...

It's unclear which shows, including the Brilliant But Cancelled series, will make the jump to the interweb.

Rachael Ray Stabs Buddy Danza In The Back

Looks like Rachael Ray's gain is Tony Danza's loss.

Her new show is getting picked up for a fall launch by many stations carrying The Tony Danza Show. In fact, she's knocking big T off two of his strongest stations (in NYC and Philly).

... jeez, if you thought the Danza show was mostly unwatchable- and believe us, it is- five hours a week of the overly perky quasi-chef will be completely indigestible...

This could mean curtains for Danza, who has been fading fast in the ratings.

Danza and Ray are TV buddies, having appeared on each other's shows.

... not anymore... let's get those two in the ring... hey Rachael, go for the head!...