Thursday, December 08, 2005

Katie, Would You Make Up Your Friggin' Mind, Already?

Decision time for Katie Couric is now- or maybe later. It all depends who you listen to.

... OK, I've got my ears on...

CBS news boss Sean McManus reportedly told pals earlier this week that Couric will decide any day if she wants to take over Dan Rather's chair on CBS Evening News.

Of course, her current NBC boss Jeff Zucker says she won't decide for a couple of months.

... man, this sure is a non-story... her contract goes until spring anyway...

So will Couric leave TV's top morning show for a limping competetor just to make a few more bucks?

... yup, I think so... stay tuned...

Fez? Ponch. Ponch? Fez.

Wilmer Valderrama has signed on to star as motorcycle cop Ponch in a theatrical version of CHiPs.

... it's official! Hollywood is out of ideas! ...

Valderrama, who plays Fez on That '70s Show, is also known for helping Lindsay Lohan become the woman she is today.

... that is, by treating her like the whore she became...

Erik Estrada famously originated the Ponch role in the original 1970's NBC series.

Nicole Richie Breaks Off Engagement With Ugly Dude now we know the secret ending to the all-new Simple Life:

Nicole and Paris kiss and make up. Literally.

And become "partners" in a whole new way.

I smell ratings... and an Emmy.

And a sex tape that I'd certainly watch.