Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Latest "Save Arrested Development" Campaign Begins

It's barely breathing, but it ain't dead yet.

In fact, at least two networks are in the running to pick up the sure-to-be-axed-by-Fox Arrested Development.

... man, don't get my hopes up...

Both ABC and Showtime have expressed their interest to 20th Century Fox TV and indicated they'd want some new episodes of the largely unwatched, Emmy-winning comedy.

... Showtime would be great, and would allow those bleeps to go away (although I find bleeps to be even funnier than them naughty swear words). ABC, on the other hand, desperately needs a watchable comedy- by my quick count, they currently have... well, none...

Fox recently slashed the comedy's third-season order to just 13 episodes. To make a deal, an interested network would likely need to guarantee a 36 episode pickup to allow the show to reach a nice, round syndication number (88 episodes).

DVD sales could also be a saving grace: the show is a hot seller on home video.

Of course, before any of this could even be considered, Fox has to officially cancel the show. Stay tuned.

Katie On The Cheap?

Is CBS News looking to get Katie Couric at a discount?

According to the New York Post, industry sources say the network's package to lure Queen Katie to the CBS Evening News slot is worth $60 million over five years- about a million a year less than NBC.

... a mere pittance!...

Their rationale: she'd only be on the air 30 minutes a day, as opposed to three hours at NBC's Today.

... surely, if they expect to lure her away from TV's number one morning show to helm what's considered by most to be the Titanic of TV news, it's gonna take more scratch...

More Weeds

Showtime's drug-addled comedy Weeds has been picked up for a second 12 episode season.

...maybe they'll pair it with Arrested Development?...

The network will begin production in the spring. The new shows will debut in the summer.

Stars Mary Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins copped Golden Globe nominations for their work in the first season.