Friday, December 16, 2005

Wing and a Prayer

John Spencer, who played vice presidential candidate Leo McGarry on NBC's The West Wing, died of a heart attack Friday, his publicist said.

He was 58.

...he clearly had serious mileage on him... I loathe The West Wing, but always liked Spencer... farewell...

Trump Picks Latest Apprentice

Donald Trump chose his fourth Apprentice on Thursday, choosing consulting firm CEO Randal Pinkett.

... Honestly, does anyone still get excited over the winners and losers of these reality shows? Especially the done-to-death ones, like Survivor and The Apprentice? Sure, I'll admit I never got the allure of these shows in the first place, but enough is enough already...

Fox News Caught In The Crossfire

Fiery former CNN yakker Robert Novak will join Fox News Channel as a contributor.

... another "Fair and Balanced" pundit!...

Novak, whose syndicated column sparked the CIA leak case and who stormed off a CNN set earlier this year, will start his new gig in January.