Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cheating Death on The West Wing

How will NBC's The West Wing staff handle John Spencer's death?

Your guess is as good as theirs.

Writers on the show won't decide how to deal with the actor's death until after the holidays. Production is dark until then anyway.

Plus, there are five episodes of the Emmy-winning drama already in the can, so staff members won't need to address his kicking off until production meetings start again in two weeks., so viewers will get to see him posthumously while they figure it out... that'll be uplifting... and probably will provide a nice ratings boost for the failing show...

Losing It

Lost star Michelle Rodrigues really knows how to party.

... just remember, don't make her the designated driver...

After her recent drunk driving arrest, she reportedly told the police officers "I don't [expletive] belong here! Why don't you just put a gun to my head and shoot me!"

... such a drama mama! ...

Rodriguez and fellow Lost star Cynthia Watros were each separately pulled over and arrested for drunk driving on Dec. 1. Both allegedly failed sobriety tests, with Rodriguez posting a blood alcohol content nearly twice the legal limit.

Neutered Housewives

ABC's Desperate Housewives may be airing in China- but they've been scrubbed clean.

Chinese broadcasters have tidied up Wisteria Lane, excising much of the show's steamy sex and violence.

... leading reasonable folks to ask: what's the friggin' point?