Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2005 Geekies: Non-Technical Awards

It's time for's Second Annual Geekies Awards. On this first day, we'll get some of the smaller awards out of the way.

Least welcomed newcomer: She’s not here yet, but just the mere announcement that a syndicated, 5-hour weekly helping of Rachael Ray is marinating for fall is enough to put me off of my food.

Most welcomed newcomer: Jason Lee and My Name is Earl. Trailer trash TV done right- with warmth, intelligence- and laughs. Bravo to NBC for taking a chance on this one.

Most disturbing trend: Watching sci-fi and supernatural Lost knockoffs multiply like pod-people on the planet Zorqon. Well, honestly, nobody really watched them. They suck. No surprise there.

Show I wish more people knew about: I’d say Arrested Development, but that ship has sailed- or, more accurately, sunk. So instead, I’ll opt for Fox’s Prison Break, a moderately watched, well-acted drama which nicely fills the oh-come-on void left by 24’s annual fall hiatus.

What I'd like to see on the tube in 2006: Arrested Development get a new home- preferably on a pay cable network with deep pockets and an appreciation for quality television.

Be gone and stay gone:
• Any comedy on ABC.
• Any medical drama on NBC.
• Any procedural drama on CBS not named CSI.
• Rick Shroder.
• Tony Danza.
• Paula Abdul.
• Any show featuring spouse swapping, home remodeling, or attempted matchmaking.
• Any cable show that features scads of green-screened, unfunny comedians riffing on the greatest week, month, year, decade, or millennium ever.
• WWE.
• MTV.
• Stuart Scott.
• Chris Berman.
• Lame bloggers who insist on shoving their shallow, bitter opinions down the throats of tens of readers.

Tomorrow: Most Overrated and Most Underrated shows of 2005