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Monday, January 23, 2006

Graham Crackers: Reasons Why ABC Shitcanned Overly Promoted New Comedy

Taking heat for the abortive launch of axed-after-one-episode comedy kumquat Emily’s Reasons Why Not, ABC swears it isn’t their fault.

They claimed they were hyping the show without ever seeing a script. After
pummeling viewers with spots, billboards and bus sides, they realized the
show, like, totally sucked serious ass.

As if any vehicle with Heather Graham in the drivers seat had a chance of
being at all watchable.

Of course, if Reasons popped a number, we assume the shows dubious quality
would not be an issue, and the marketing folks would be crowing about their
successful launch.

A total of six episodes were filmed. No determination has been made about
whether they’ll ever air.

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