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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why Did ABC Get Lost? And Other Random Thoughts

Can someone explain to me why ABC felt it necessary to so heavily promote Lost during the Super Bowl? The show is already a smash. Wouldn't those avails have been better utilized promoting some promising, but struggling shows?

Whoever those promo folks got to loop the chorus to "Addicted to Lost," he sure sounded like the extremely dead Robert Palmer.

Wouldn't ABC have benefitted more by putting a new show in need of exposure in the post-game slot? Like the anemically performing Commander-In-Chief?

What was Burger King thinking with the Whopperettes?

Why is a Rolling Stones song that's been a staple of classic rock radio since 1981 suddenly inappropriate to air unedited?

Who the fuck would eat that nasty-ass pizza Jessica Simpson was plugging?

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