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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Joy Behar, Our Hero

Kudos to Joy Behar, the only yenta host of The View with any sense of reality.

The cohost of the unwatchable morning show was clearly irritated by Star Jones' latest self serving rant yesterday. Via phone, Jones violated every portion of the TMI statue while discussing her breast lift. Amongst the nuggets offered: no, she didn't almost die; yes, she's anemic; yes, her boobs feel like they're 25 years younger than the rest of her flabby, loudmouthed body.

After hearing enough of Jones "me me me"ing, Behar finally cut her off, yelling "OK, Star... enough about you. On to us. Bye!" Jones then called her a bitch, which, of course, was bleeped.

We at TVGS applaud Behar, as she's consistently the only one on that show who seems willing to point out the truth about Ms. Jones. Bravo.

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