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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's Official: Katie to CBS

The increasingly diva-ish Katie Couric announced this morning that she's leaving NBC, and her seat at Today, one of TV's most profitable shows, for CBS.

She'll become the first full-time female anchor in network evening news history.

It's debatable whether this is a good move for Couric; sure, her hours will improve, but does reading off of a TelePrompTer really play to her strengths? Or will CBS news add cooking segments to The CBS Evening News?

She even took less money to jump on the deck of the News Titanic docked across town on West 57th.

It also seems that NBC is close to signing Meredith Viera to replace Couric, a seemingly great (and $10 million a year cheaper) choice.

Geekspeak predictions? Big May ratings for Couric's farewell, and a slight initial increase for The CBS Evening News when she hops on board, but nothing spectacular. Oh, and Today won't miss a beat ratings wise, and will be infinitely more watchable.

Having met Couric several times in the past, I will say she was easily the most personable, friendly, and down to earth anchor I'd ever worked with. She even accused me of "bogarting" a bag of Sun Chips. Can't picture a Brokaw or a Rather doing that.

Still, fame has a way of changing people, so the recent reports of her divaishness aren't completely surprising.

I hope for the people of CBS that some of the old-school Katie is still in her.

Mark it down.

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