Thursday, January 05, 2006

Judgment Day for NBC, Courtesy of Angry Affiliates

Them religious types are stirring things up again.

Two NBC affiliates, one in Arkansas and one in Indiana, have decided to pre-empt the upcoming series The Book of Daniel. The drama has been drawing hellfire from Bible thumpers for its presumably negative portrayal of Christianity.

The series depicts a troubled Episcopalian minister (Aidan Quinn) who is addicted to Vicodin. Is that so offensive? It's certainly less bothersome than all the real life priests addicted to young boy-love.

The book-burning American Family Association has called for an affiliate and advertiser boycott of Daniel. Angry God Squadders have been blessing stations with outraged e-mails and calls.

Of course, the real crime is that none of the objectors has actually seen the show- just a few promos. And we know how accurate a picture network promos can paint of a show.

As a Republican-leaning resident of an overwhelmingly blue state, these are the scuffles which make me seriously question my ideals. The airwaves are free, and people have the choice to switch off programming they don't like. But to raise hell over a program they haven't even seen, and then trying to prevent anyone from seeing it, is total hogwash. And scary that it's working- at least in two states.

One of the stations claims this has nothing to do with the religious aspect. They say they're just taking a stand against a bully- the big, bad network. They don't like how the Cockers have been treating them of late.

Boo freaking hoo. How would they like filling all those timeslots with Baywatch repeats?

The cowtowing to religious groups in this country is getting worse by the minute. Separation of church and state? Yeah, right. The FCC wants to regulate everything. Zealots want Intelligent Design to be taught along with science in our schools.

For all I know, the show could be total crap. Blasphemous, even. But who knows? IT HASN'T AIRED YET.

I have no problem with religion. Just leave me- and my TV shows- out of it.


Really, I'm Not Anti-Religion

But this dude is a total tool.

Let's hope Jesus calls him home. Soon.

Jon Stewart Named Oscar Host

Just when we all thought nothing could make the man more self important.

Wish he'd just go back to being funny.