Monday, January 09, 2006

Holy Crap: NBC Can't Catch a Break

There was no help from above on Friday night for NBC.

Its latest attempt for a hit, The Book of Daniel flopped in back to back episodes for the Peacock network. It was beaten by less than powerhouse competitors: Close to Home/Numbers (CBS), and In Justice/20/20 (ABC).

So much for the whole "no publicity is bad publicity" deal.

At least its Thursday move wasn't a total loss: My Name is Earl and The Office held numbers typical of the vacationing Apprentice. Of course, the 'Cockers weakened their Tuesday night by moving these comedic jewels, so is a third place finish really a victory?

Of course, the move gave me my Scrubs back, so dat's cool, yo.

Thursday's first hour of ABC's Dancing With The Stars stomped the competition and vastly improved its ratings over the sucking ratings vortex that is Alias. But you knew that.

More Voting Outrage for Dancing With The Stars?

You mean there could be another voting controversy to jack up ratings?

Poor, poor, ABC. I'm sure they'll hurry and fix it... by May.

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna better hope one of van Amstel's heels doesn't catch one of those big-ass lips... think of the mess.

"Alta Fakedem!"

Talk about being starved for entertainment.

Coming next fall: Farming With The Stars!

At least most of the 77 million people in the country can't afford a TV. Clearly, they ain't missing much.

Billy Crystal on Hosting Oscars: "I Passed"

Billy Crystal says he passed on hosting this year's Oscars.

Aw, shucks. So nice of him to give someone who may actually be funny a shot (Jon Stewart will host instead).

Crystal says his one-man stage show won't leaves him enough time to do a good job (because writing bad song and dance numbers takes hard work).