Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No Monday Hits For ABC? Here's the Reasons Why Not

Newcomer Emily's Reasons Why Not and the returning Jake in Progress" and The Bachelor shit the bed for ABC Monday night.


Do the math: Nobody wants to watch Heather Graham unless she's nude and wearing roller skates. Jake was a marginal performer last year. And May's renewal of the largely ignored The Bachelor was a big-time head scratcher, regardless of the frog-eating country the network decides to shoot it in.

CBS had its usual powerhouse ratings performance, with NBC a respectable second.

Did South Park Cave?

Religious groups are claiming victory because Comedy Central pulled a controversial episode from airing.

The episode, which featured a crotch-bleeding Virgin Mary and outraged Catholic groups, was kept out of a year-end South Park marathon. Comedy Central says they didn't cave and in fact aired the episode in every one of the show's "normally scheduled repeat timeslots."

They also promise it will be released in the upcoming DVD set, and in no way is trying to use the controversy to drum up publicity and sales for it. In no way at all.

They swear.

Former Disney Head Michael Eisner Gets His Own TV Show

Luckily, CNBC has the decency to air Conversations With Michael Eisner just once every other month, making it almost impossible to figure out when the inevitable snoozefest will be on.

Thanks, guys!

$2.5 Million For a Super Bowl Ad?

And ABC has sold 90% of its inventory already?