Monday, January 30, 2006

Hardly in Command

ABC is yanking its underperforming new drama Commander In Chief to make way for a new comedy. The series, featuring TV's second female president, will be off the air for at least six weeks to make way for ABC's latest attempt at a watchable comedy, Sons and Daughters.

The show, which started off strong in total viewers, was never a hit in the all-important 18-49 demographic and has slipped steadily since its debut.

Network execs, critics and wee bloggers alike all wonder why the show is tanking: was it Rod Lurie's departure? Was it the show's long holiday break?

Or does it just, like, totally suck?

NFL Keeps New 8-Game Package In House

After months of negotiations, the NFL has awarded its NFL Network the rights to a new, eight-game primetime football package beginning this fall.

The move is ballsy in that the NFL shunned a short-term windfall (usually a given) for a long-term investment in its cable network. The addition of the games will surely help the channel's distribution and ad sales.

Sources said Comcast, NBC Universal, News Corp., Turner Broadcasting, Verizon and a major Internet company were competing for the package, which will begin with a 2006 Thanksgiving game.

2016: Plasma Bowl L

Experts say flat-panel LCD and plasma displays will be the dominant TV technology by the time Super Bowl L comes around a decade from now.

Damn. I was hoping the brain chip would be available by then. Maybe by Super Bowl LX?

Woodruff Serious But Stable after Catching Iraq Shrapnel

ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff and camera operator Doug Vogt were in serious but stable condition on Sunday after suffering head injuries when their Iraqi military vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb.

Luckily, both Woodruff and Vogt were wearing body armor, helmets and protective glasses, ABC News said.

Woodruff is the new co-anchor of ABC's World New Tonight.