Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Breaking News: Cablevision to Finally Supply FX to TV Geek

After years of tooth-gnashing, foot-stomping and general bellyaching, the good people (for today, at least) at Cablevision have finally decided to supply my "zone" with FX.

How wonderfully 20th century of them.

Never mind that all the surrounding Cablevision zones have had it for years. My repeated calls to customer service were answered with straight-faced answers like "But instead, we offer you HSN2 and C-Span3!" (They honestly told me that. Twice.)

But for today, there'll be no further Cablevision bashing. They've finally seen fit to supply a cable network I'm able to watch on a friggin' airplane, but not in my living room.

And for that, I'm grateful.

Now, if I could only get their crappy DVR to stop arbitrarily erasing unwatched programs...

Roberts Turns Eye to CNN

Veteran CBS News White House correspondent John Roberts is leaving the network to join CNN.

The anchor has reportedly felt snubbed by getting little to no consideration to become the heir to the throne formerly occupied by Dan Rather.

Roberts, 49, made his last appearance for CBS News during Tuesday's coverage of the State of the Union address. He'll be a senior national correspondent and substitute anchor for the cable network, beginning February 20th.

Of course, you can't really blame the Eye peeps for shunning the bland Roberts for the big chair, especially when brighter stars like Katie Couric- and Bob Schieffer- are available.

Worst TV President Ever?

Well, yeah.

After all, only Republican presidents can be portrayed as buffoons in Hollywood- whether real or fictional.

Nielsen Rating on SVU

Gladiator co-star Connie Nielsen will replace Mariska Hargitay for six episodes on NBC's Law & Order: SVU.

Hargitay's Character Olivia Benson will be sent off on a "specific assignment" as the actress goes on maternity leave this spring.

If It's Sweeps...

... it must be time for more irritating stunt casting on NBC's Will and Grace.

The lastest one we won't be watching? Britney Spears, of course. She'll appear as a Christian conservative TV host.

Thankfully, Will & Grace is in its eighth and final season.

Giving Elton Head

Attention Buffy fans: Giles is returning to TV- presumably in a much less reserved way.

British actor Anthony Stewart Head has landed the lead in Him & Us, an ABC comedy inspired by the life of Elton John.

Should be an interesting switch for him...

Book of Daniel Still Open- Online

There's an afterlife of sorts for NBC's The Book of Daniel, which was crucified by the network for low ratings and bubbling controversy.

The 'Cockers will stream unaired episodes on for the next three weeks. Good news for the show's seventeen viewers.

Thanks to Roon for the link.