Friday, February 10, 2006

Uncle Buster's The Friday Eff Off: Grey's Anatomy

Apparently, 38 million people CAN be wrong.

That was the audience for the Super Bowl-following Grey’s Anatomy Sunday night on ABC.

I admit I got sucked in by the “Code Black” promos that ran incessantly. I had an educated guess what the episode would be about. I was right and I was disappointed.

Props however, to the scene with the hott blonde taking the dude into the storeroom for a pickle tickle.

Not enough to overcome a largely suspense-less hour and too many scenes containing the incredibly fugly Sandra Oh. Will I never learn the deceitfulness of network promos?

Speaking of Uncle Buster...

...the rat bastard's incessant shilling finally got me to watch Love Monkey this week.

Just in time for CBS to pre-cancel that shit (speicifcally, they sent it to Hiatusland, to surely never be seen again).

And, of course, I dug it.

So in honor of this occasion, I'm going to fling my own poop at my Uncle Buster bobble-head doll. That'll teach him.