Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chicks Dig The HD

In a new Scripps Networks lifestyle research survey survey, it was revealed that women would rather receive a new HDTV set than a toaster (well, yeah), a day off (only one day?) or a new pair of expensive shoes (surprising).

The only thing that beat out HDTV? A weekend getaway.

We've kept this posting at the top of today's nonsense, so men can easily print it out and present it to their wives as legitimate justification as the deliverymen wheel in their new 60" plasmas.

NBC Freebie

Can't wait to see Dick Wolf's latest, chung CHUNG free production?

NBC is offering the pilot of its new law series, Conviction, free for download through the iTunes Music Store. It will be available until the show premieres on March 3.

Trump vs. Martha: The Battle Of Two Unwatched TV Shows

The Donald and the Domestic Diva are at each other's throats in the press these days over their dueling Apprentices.

Martha Stewart, who had her version axed after one cycle, claimed it failed because Trump would not take his competing show off the schedule.

Trump countered that it was because, among other reasons, Martha effed the whole thing up and made no effort to produce a compelling show.

Honestly, with Trump's ratings dropping with each new cycle, and its subsequent banishment from NBC's Thursday night, should he really be flapping his gums?

Another Year, Another Assload Of Emmy Changes

They're changing the Emmy voting rules again.

But does anybody care?

This year's overhaul mentions something about committies, and panels, and whatnot... blah, blah. The article was harder to grasp than George W's justification for turning over our ports to an Arab-owned company.

I guess any steps to prevent sub-par shows, such as recent seasons of The West Wing, from winning unjustifiably can't be a bad thing.

But personally, I couldn;t give a flying flambe. Just show me the list of winners the next morning, OK?

Grey Area For Housewives

Post-Superbowl momentum continues to build for the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy.

Despite the presence of the jaw-droppingly annoying Sandra Oh, the show improved on its Desperate Housewives lead-in for the second week in a row.

The show's audience has jumped more than 35 percent since its post-Super Bowl airing. Nice choice, ABC.