Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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It's Official

I finally have FX.

And it looks like I'll also get the new Mets TV channel, SNY, without incident.

Thank you, Cablevision. Good week for you- for a change.

NBC's Olympics Didn't Light World On Fire

Let the wound licking begin.

NBC's 17 night coverage of the Torino games was the least-watched Winter Olympics since 1988. The Games averaged 20.2 million viewers in prime time, and likely won't even help NBC win sweeps.

Contributing factors? Lackluster US team performance. Tougher competition from other networks, who aggressively counterprogrammed this year's games. Time delayed coverage also drops numbers. And the days of having an enemy to root against are over- at least until al Qaeda qualifies to compete in skeleton.

Personally, I'm just happy to get The Office, Scrubs and Earl back... they're my gold, bronze and silver nowthat Arrested Development is gone.

Soap Star Gets Deal of a Lifetime

All My Children's Abigail Spencer has been cast as the lead in Lifetime's Emily's Eyes, a new drama centering on a twentysomething FBI agent. The show has been given a 13-episode order by the chick-loving cable channel.

It's believed that the series is targeted to premiere in the summer, becoming the latest in a long, brilliant slate of original dramas on the channel... like... um... damn, I'm sure I can think of at least one...

Fear Factor: Effed

Apparently, the eating of bull testicles will be curtailed sharply on NBC in the coming months.

TV Week says several Fear Factor staffers have moved on to other projects, signaling the likely end of the series.

Officially, NBC says production on the current season of the wretched reality show has been completed, and that no decision has been made on whether the show will be renewed.

Winger Back in Bed With Sorkin

The West Wing co-star Bradley Whitford thas reunited with Aaron Sorkin, the show's manic, drug-addled creator, for the upcoming NBC drama pilot Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Whitford will play a producer-director and recovering cocaine addict who has come back to run the sketch show he used to work for.

Autobiographical pipe dreams, Mr. Sorkin?