Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How Lowe Can The West Wing Go?

It's last-ditch reunion time in The West Wing.

As the show lurches through its sub-par, largely unwatched final days, the creators are bringing back a few long-missing characters to help with the imminent regime change.

Leading the way is Rob Lowe, who left the show a couple of years ago in a money snit. He's gone on to star in such blockbuster fare as The Lyon's Den, Beach Girls anddr. vegas

Also returning are Mary Louise Parker, Anna Deavere Smith, Emily Proctor, Marlee Matlin, Gary Cole, Tim Matheson, Timothy Busfield and Annabeth Gish.


Trump's Ratings Totally Martha-Like

Why is it that NBC can't admit that Americans are bored with The Apprentice?

The fifth-season premiere of the Donald Trump topped egofest grabbed the show's lowest rating ever for an original episode- less than 10 million viewers. We're desperately awaiting comment from Martha Stewart, who tangled in a tabloid war with The Donald last week over her own failed version of the series.

The show couldn't benefit from its strongish lead-in, Deal or No Deal, which won its slot.

Clearly, it's time for the 'cockers to fire Mr. Trump.

Chappelle to Comedy Central: "Don't Air My Unfinished Shit"

Comedian Dave Chappelle says he may never return to his hit Comedy Central show if the cable network goes through with plans to air new episodes culled from material he filmed before leaving the series.

Oh, right- and if they don't air the stuff they have in the can, he'll come rushing back?

Let's face it. The compilation episodes will do huge numbers, and you can't blame the network for trying to squeeze whatever they can out of their stillborn $50 million deal. And with the bizarre way Chappelle has been acting, it's far from a safe bet he'll ever return anyway.

The Comeback, Part Three

Now it's Courtney Cox's turn to come back to TV.

Cox is coming back in Dirt, a drama pilot for FX (which I finally now receive). Oh, and did I mention she and her husband David Arquette are executive producing? How... convenient.

The actress is the third former Friends star to link up to another series. The other two, Matt LeBlanc's Joey and Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback, stank worse than a Smelly Cat.