Friday, March 03, 2006

The Friday Eff Off: My Name Is Earl

Live, from Redneckland USA, here’s Uncle Buster’s latest 99 word review of a show he’s never watched- and never will. What a concept!

I’ve been told that My Name Is Earl is a good show and pretty funny.

Heck, there are several people where I work that tune in regularly.

The Geek-In-Chief routinely extols the virtues of this NBC hit. Which is understandable. He’s from the Northeast and isn’t exposed to this.

However, since I live in the South, and am constantly surrounded by the mouth-breathing, tobacco-chewing, sister-marrying, NASCAR-loving, SEE-ment-pronouncing, hick, redneck, trailer park all-stars that the show is based on, it gets a little too close to reality for me.

So, I’ll take a pass on this one. Call me crazy.