Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Final Nail For Arrested?

Bad news for Arrested Development fans: Series creator Mitch Hurwitz announced he's quitting the Emmy-winning comedy, which technically doesn't even really exist at the moment.

This really nukes the hopes of Bluth-loving fanatics holding out hope that the canceled Fox show might be revived on another network.

Rumors had made the rounds that Showtime was considering picking up the series, but with Hurwitz out of the picture, any deal would surely be jeopardized.

Last month, a pathetic 3.3 million viewers tuned in for what will surely be Fox's last airing of the show.

Three More Years For Abdul

Everyone's favorite American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, has signed on for three more years, the Fox network said on Wednesday.

Shouldn't they have let viewers vote on this as well?

The move guarantees one of the show's most irritating elements will remain intact for the near future, virtually assuring continued unwatchability. Or is Abdul actually liked by the millions of sheep flocking to this drivel?

It's all lost on me.

Yeah, But What Happens When They Like... You Know... Escape?

Fox has decided to renew their hit drama Prison Break.

Which begs the question: how do the Foxies keep the show going when the inmates finally get out? And if they don't get out... will we still give enough of a shit to sit through another season? The plotline already feels really dragged out.

Of course, who woulda thunk 24 could have survived 5 seasons plus?

Prison Break isn't bad filler for viewers whilst they're waiting for Jack Bauer to torture yet another terrorist/co-worker/ex-lover/family member, but my opinion of this show is sinking almost as fast as my love for Lost.

Hopefully the show will somehow finish strong. It's a crime they're dragging out what would have made a taut 13-episode "limited series" into a 40-plus episode (and counting) potboiler.